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News and Events
Date: 25.01.2021   
In his famous work „The Alchemist" Paulo Coelho wrote: „When you really want something, the whole Universe conspires to fulfill your dream". This is also demonstrated by the life story of Mr. Vasilii, a native ... Read more...
Date: 14.04.2017   
The Swedish company SAMRES AB (www.samres.se) works in the service sector with coordination of public transports in the North-European countries Sweden and Norway. The company manages callcenters in Estonia, Senegal, Sweden and the Republic of Moldova. Read more...
Date: 03.02.2016   
Technovation Challenge is a global initiative whereby girls in school age (between 10 and 18 approximately) follow an online program, helped by local coaches and mentors, to learn how to develop a mobile app aimed at solving problems in their community, and basic entrepreneurship skills. Read more...

The Association “MOTIVATIE” of Moldova

Association “MOTIVATIE” from Moldova (further referred as MOTIVATIE) is a non-governmental, non-for-profit, apolitical organization located in Vadul-lui-Voda Town, Republic of Moldova but operates nationwide. It was founded by a group of volunteers of the Centre of Information and Documentation on Children's Rights from Chisinau, Moldova, with support of the Motivation Foundation from Romania and the Department of Child's Rights Protection of the Chisinau Municipality, Moldova.

MOTIVATIE was registered on January 22, 2002 at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova under the registry number 2079.

MOTIVATIE’s members are people with mobility disabilities and their families, professionals working with this target group.

MOTIVATIE’s vision: There are no people with disabilities; there are societies who make disabled environment, who create barriers for people with different needs. The disablement lies in the construction of society, not in the physical or psychological conditions of the individual. (Simon Brisenden, 1986).

MOTIVATIE’s mission is to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and achieve social equality through inclusion.

MOTIVATIE has organized its activities for 2012-2016 based on the following objectives:

  1. Contribute in creating adequate conditions for inclusion of children and young people with mobility disabilities
  2. Promote the independence of young people with physical disabilities
  3. Create a positive attitude towards people with disabilities
  4. Fight discrimination against people with disabilities
  5. Improve national legislation according to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  6. Support people with mobility disabilities achieving independent life  
  7. Contribute to building accessible infrastructure
  8. Help people accessing jobs, through Supported Employment
  9. Encourage people with disabilities to development civil society
  10.  Promotion the rights of people with disability
  11.  Development of the Association “MOTIVATIE” of Moldova in order to achieve its mission.

MOTIVATIE’s values:

  • Transparency and reliability with service users, partners and donors;
  • Optimism, perseverance, cooperation and innovation within team work;
  • Active involvement of services users and volunteers within organization’s activity;
  • Continuous professional development of team members.

Available resources - the successful implementation of all actions and projects depends partially on the internal resources of the organization. In this respect MOTIVATION is proud to have important resources:

  • Competent human resources trained in providing services and support for people with disabilities. Certified specialists – specialists in supported employment, physiotherapist, Peer Group instructor, psychologist, social worker and technician.
  • Centre for training,
  • Adapted transport means,
  • Rehabilitation equipment.

MOTIVATIE’s activity: Overall, MOTIVATIE works with and for people with disabilities, improvement of the quality of their life, promoting their rights, developing quality services as well as changing the society’s attitude regarding people with disabilities. This is however not limited only to these, MOTIVATIE also implements activities and projects that promote civil society activity, voluntary work and community development.

The main impact that MOTIVATIE achieved is:

MOTIVATIE is proud to maintain an excellent working relation with important international donors such as IM Swedish Development Partner, FHI360, WJR, Soros Foundation-Moldova (Soros), East European Foundation. In the past MOTIVATIE was supported by UNICEF, USAID, EU Delegation, DFID (UK), Janivo Foundation (Netherlands), TIKA (Turkey).

MOTIVATIE is a member of European Association for Services Providers for People with Disabilities (Brussels) and a co-founder of the Alliance of Organisations for People with Disabilities (Moldova).

Vasilii Chiperi: „My path to dreams lasted 3 years"

"The self-confidence means to believe in your results"
A story of a beneficiary of the employment support services
Fighting for employment - life story of Alexandru

Office Chișinău









This heading has the goal to facilitate the employment people with disabilities and to be recruited by potential employer.

This map contains information about the accessible and non-accessible buildings in Moldova. To find out more information, please visit ABOUT box. Map is modified by introducing new information collected from citizens. We count on your involvement!

People who receive support from the Association does not pay for services provided. Often we don’t have the fund we need toc over the large number of people that come to us.

Read More... Read More...


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